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Academy of Critical Thinking

Academy of Critical Thinking is a unique project from Slovakia. The main goal of the project is to better communication skills of clients, either individuals or companies. A team of experienced lectors will help you improve your skills of critical thinking, ability to recognise facts or how to facilitate a discussion.


Identity, Branding, Print, Illustration, Book design

One versatile book

When we were creating this book we worked closely with lectors that written the chapters, to make sure not to misrepresent their ideas and message. Book consist of eleven chapters and contain more than 160 unique illustrations and many more exercises, graphs and visuals. Academy of Critical Thinking approach each client individually, according to their needs and we choose the same approach creating this handbook. We createt printet version, but also an interactive version for online learnig sessions. As the courses of the Academy are tailor made specifically acroding to the needs of the clients the book adapts as well. Each chapter can be printed or exported separatley, so the clients gets only the materials they really need.


Little step extra

Every time we finish a project we like to take a one step extra (or two or three). This time, we designed a line of merchandise for our client that use illustrations, quotations and ideas from the handbook.

Did you like the project?

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