Rebranding toilet paper? Nothing that Puro couldn't handle and hadn't really gone crazy about. This 2016 campaign was even so successful that it entered Google Case Studies and won two Golden Nail awards.


Old, well known HARMASAN is finally seeing brighter future.
For the client SHP Harmanec we've completely rebranded this cult toilet paper, gave it a new, funny, Czechoslovak look. New HARMASAN product line was created hand in hand with a campaign including cool "harmasan" style ads and a wave of image communication including on-trade and social media. Simply all inclusive rebrand and marketing Made by Puro.

The Packaging

We tried to keep the naive poetics of the socialist era, nostalgia playes a big part with the product due to reasons known only to slovaks and czechs :)

The Campaign

Animations and spots and complete online and offline coverage was produced by us. Customized and with a lot of neat tweeks. Even Google used the campaign as key study for their clients.

Key Study Campaign 2016

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