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Rebranding the iconic, yet traditional, local toilet paper Harmasan is something of a challenge, but one that the Puro Creative Team rose to phenomenally! This campaign was so successful that it became a Google Case Study and carried home two prestigious ‘Zlatý klinec/Golden Nail’ Awards.



The traditional, well-known brand of toilet paper, Harmasan’s new look points to a bright future while also giving a nod to the brand’s past. For the client, SHP Harmanec, Puro Creative fittingly gave this iconic brand a new, and quintessentially Czechoslovak look. The launch of a new Harmsan product line came with a full marketing campaign orchestrated by our Puro Creative Team. This included commercials and engaging social media content, all forming a systematic rebrand of nationally recognised products.


Nostalgia for a bygone era was at the heart of our Puro Creative team’s thinking in this project. The subtle similarities of imagery and styles in the reband reflected those of the socialist era, and resonated with Slovaks and Czechs! 

HR_family 4KS_1.jpg
v1 10p1.jpg
v2 solo1.jpg

The Campaign

Our Puro Creative Team devised and executed an all-encompassing online and offline campaign. This campaign was tailor-made for the client to the extent that Google used the campaign as a case study for their own clients.


Key Study Campaign 2016

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