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Production, animation, concept art, direction

To create an animated series? A dream come true! We, as a studio, have dozens of video productions, animations and music videos under our belt. Making a whole animated series from scratch to finish is the icing on the cake for us. 


Jakub and Flip is exactly the type of idea that the right team of creatives will knock out of the park and that´s exactly what we did. We had a vision and we did what we do best - spewing ideas and working with passion. It's was fun, but most of all it was created with heart and determination to the last pixel.



Because we have a multitalent puroteam :) we sqeezed every bit of those talents - 2D, 3D, rigging, illustrated backgrounds, character creation… There is a little bit of everything in our cartoon.


We couldn't do it alone

A special thanks goes to the the great voice actors, the musicians, the screenwriter and everybody at RTVS!


Did you like the project?

Want to know more, or learn about the limitless possibilities with Puro Creative? Contact us.

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