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Moja srdcovka (My Sweetheart)

Moja srdcovka is our love brand! It is a brand full of colors, fantastic characters and unlimited possibilities for creativity. We crafted a visual identity for Moja srdcovka that brought their patisserie and gelateria products to life in a fun and inviting way to make these sweet delights even more tempting! 


Fittingly, we let our love of creativity play a role in helping Moja srdcova devise a strategy which helped enable our client to expand their operations from a single store in the town of Lučenec to four new locations. 


Moja Srdcovka logo animation 2.gif

Creative Visuals 

Since we started our cooperation we have created dozens of online or offline creative visuals with everything from flying monsters to bespoke copywriting. We created everything from coffee packaging, cake boxes, menu cards, information boards, catalogues, brochures, posters, and stickers and wallpapers for interior and exterior spaces.

Lively webpage

We at Puro Creative also created Moja srdcovka’s presence online with a website that is simultaneously playful and functional. Through the website, consumers can discover the Moja srdcovka world as well as to pre-order cakes and other products.

Moja Srdcovka web

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