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When Google last published the ranking of the hottest videos on Slovak YouTube and the first place in the non-musical ranking was occupied by the Dedoles advertisement, we had no idea that dancing hamsters would become a part of our world. And they still have us in their little paws.

However, we must point out that these rodents are very friendly, and we also dare to say that music is one of the essential components in advertising. Once again, it has only been confirmed that mascots are important in advertising, and last but not least, we have once again witnessed that good advertising can lack logic.

They have us in their little paws

Our clients are the Somebody&Somebody agency and the Dedoles company, which has managed to expand to 13 European countries. Yes, this is a company that puts us in those bizarre situations where we remember dancing hamsters when buying socks. Hasn't it happened to you yet? Then we have a serious suspicion that your Youtube advertising algorithm is not in good shape, because currently everything is not as it should be, until you see dancing hamsters... a lot.

Mascots, mascots everywhere

We dare to say that these hamesters are uncompromising and they will get you as well. Because mascots in advertising have immense power. That is why bizarre creatures such as Michelin Man, Milka, Alzák or Mr. Proper are present in our consciousness. Speaking of mascot success – even the young Brad Pitt of his time handed out leaflets in a chicken costume and see where he is now. 😏

Hamsters do not bring any convincing slogans attacking our intellect, it is an emotional advertisement that has the ambition to create positive feelings and hamsters work here, because they can be cute, fun and loving and most importantly, they can put on socks and dance. They are able to communicate with the consumer and tell stories on behalf of the brand. And people love stories.

Tu-tu tu-tu-ru-tu-tu-tu – to infinity and beyond

In Puro, we already know that animals are cool and even mute hamsters can work in advertising. And what about the sound? We just won't get the hit from the heads. We worked long hours on several music videos, and "fate" ensured that the colleagues who edited the video sometimes forgot their headphones and there were no others in the office, so the massive beat went to everyone through the speakers. Yes, it was after the days of the homeoffices.

Let's extend reality with fun

When we were already up there, we went for it! As part of the app, we have created motifs of hamsters that dance on your head, fly out of your mouth, or allow you to become a cheerful creature with a hamster's head. If this difficult times does not add to your mood, why not help yourself and put on a smile on with a virtual mask? And then it rolls like a snowball downhill – smile goes hand in hand with fun and silly dances and serotonin never stops.

We have long known that banal things such as listening to music and dancing can almost instantly and enormously boost the mood. And marketing benefits from this simple effect of positive emotion - a cheerful person likes to buy cheerful underwear. And we all benefit from it! Happiness spreads among people like a vir... um, like a smile. ☺️

Rodents also have to brush their teeth somewhere

The client provided us with animations of dancing hamsters on a "transparent background" in several dance motifs and new musical mutations for that fantastic song, and we started making clips.We tryed to fulfil dreams of the hamsters about new homes in the form of environments where they can fly in their relentless entertainment.

One of the things that makes a brand attract people through mascots is familiarity. We fitted the rodents into various animated backgrounds, through which we could personify them as domestic types, but also as "party animals". We have combined the environments in which rodent protagonists find themselves to help capture their character and communicate brand values.

In the field of animation, we approached them as unique human beings. The appropriate combination of audio elements and animated backgrounds forces us to watch their next story. Mascots and entertainment still work, and as long as they work, the dancing hamsters will appear in more and more musical and visual variations. And when the karaoke disco party comes, we will join in without stress.


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