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How we tailored a brand for Sopht

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

We were offered to create a logo for a clothing brand so we carefully stitch it together. The brand name is based on the English word soft. And that´s how we approached the creation. Gentle, sensitive. The artist who is to paint such a logo must simply have a very delicate hand. And refined taste. After all, everything is better when it's gentle. Fine wrinkles, soft breeze, soft cottage cheese, soft vodka. But let's stay with the logotype. The client gave us a free hand in creating the designs, so we could let our creativity loose.

One of the conditions was, that it would be possible to derive a symbol from the logotype that could be used on various applications (labels, etc.). The symbol should have been part of the logo and in this case it is the letter O.

He will be here when you return

We tried to create a timeless logo, and the choice of font and geometric simplicity of the symbol were subject to this. The grouping of elements looks fashionable and stylish, as fashion is all about style. In short, the design of the logotype has its own swag combining the personality and style of a individual who is interested in quality natural materials and their processing and can appreciate solid design.

The logo was not sewn with a hot needle

The logo and symbol are built on simplicity and strong expression. Letter O, together with the diagonal line create a brand that requires the audience's attention. Despite the fact that the font of the logotype looks subtle, together with the eye-catching element of the symbol it creates an attractive decent tension.

The part of the logo - the letter O, which is also used as a symbol, represents a needle with a thread. For the brand, this is one of the most important values ​​- honesty, not only in the work that goess in to the products as such, but also in the behavior to nature itself during the entire creative process.

Return to nature

The design of the logo represented the first phase, followed by the determination of color. Our color pick refers to nature, we chose earthy, calm, harmonious tones.

Subsequently, we created the branding elements. We derived patterns from threads. In addition to sewing, the thread can be used as well as the grateful motif in the print and in the online environment. Thread winding has a wide range of uses and suitably completes the brand look.

The patterns were to be natural, relaxed, they could lean towards abstraction. We moved away from explicitly plant motifs and followed the path of greater abstraction and minimalism. Abstraction offers us the opportunity to take a break from looking at the specifics (things, people). It is liberating for our brain to offer it something abstract.

We still used plant motifs, but in the form of leaf shadows and treetops. Why not use the aesthetics of nature in the brand when possible?

Killing me sophtly

We had the ambition to tailor the logo, so ti feels like a handmade piece fitted just for our cleint. We tried to conceive the designs with a reference to handmade production, manufactory and the old days when sewing was handmade. Not every reference to tradition has to smell like regression or a return to the Middle Ages. Even such a pencil and paper are irreplaceable when sketching designs.

We are ecstatic that we participated in the creation of a brand that in the age of fast fashion turns to locality, honesty and environmental friendliness. Sopht won us over and is guaranteed to "blow you away" you in the right way! ;)


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