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Marketing in times of Covid

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Coronavirus uses a variety of strategies for its survival and reproduction, and it has been relatively successful so far. We do not know how long he will be our companion, but based on his evolutionary creativity, we can certainly expect unpleasant surfing on his waves. According to Carl Zimmer, "we live on a planet of viruses", so the coronavirus is not the last to attack us so cruelly. And this must be taken into account in the future.

One thing is for sure - consumers are in the distant digital future and we should follow them, shift our resources to building digital interfaces and connect with them in this world forever.

So far, we are not proving to be brave and wise warriors, so we should learn from this, better prepare for emergencies and rethink our strategies. Also in marketing. Many companies had to approach crisis management during the pandemic.

So let's take a look at what has proven to work in Covid times marketing so far. You may find something that will succeed in your business.

Only the friendly ones shall survive

As a human species, it took us quite a long time to (probably) domesticate ourselves. In principle, only those friendly and empathetic individuals who were able to cooperate survived. People chose their companions based on who had more prosocial behavior.

True evolutionary winners are the friendliest.

Brands should communicate humanly, personally and empathetically and work on a trustworthy relationship with consumers. It turns out that individual communication is the most effective.

Quo vadis, the consumer?

During the pandemic, Euromotor international observed consumers' focus on themselves, health, family and digital solutions. More attention is paid in the world to moral and ethical values. Consumers have become more interested in products and services, and reliable (well-known) brands are attracting interest. With the retreat of the middle and lower classes (due to the economic effects of the pandemic), there is sharing, lending and renting things emerges in great numbers. The social distance has led to a shift to online shopping and interest in local products and food.

Good deeds still pays off

Companies are introducing targeted marketing - they create initiatives to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. They thus demonstrate social responsibility (helping the elderly and vulnerable, etc.). These activities lead to a more positive attitude of consumers and can also lead to larger purchasing decisions.

You will not get to the new result on the same paths

There is also the option to redefine your product portfolio. In Italy, for example, a company that produces snow cannons has rebuilt them into aerosol disinfection machines. Some companies that distill alcoholic beverages also produce hand disinfectants.

Enough is... not enough ?!

In addition to reassessing life priorities, the range of products offered must also be reassessed. Offering an excessive number of products certainly does not contribute to profitability. If you want to be surprised, a reduction in the range can even attract a new group of customers. Creativity in distribution is a big plus, many companies have used their stores as distribution centers - there is no need to tread in endless rows in the distribution center. Sustainability should not be circumvented, it plays (not only) an important role in the market. When it comes to price, you need to be sensitive to it. Consumers' price sensitivity is higher during the crisis. So if you can keep lower profits, lowering prices is a sensible solution. Otherwise, if you do not increase the quality of products, increasing their price is really a reckless step. However, you do not have to use the stock prices immediately. The product can be promoted in other ways (and there will still be a heart - for example, by wrapping a gift).

Pass it through

Sometimes good old emails are more effective than advertising on social networks. With a good line of sight targeted, unique and to the point. Don't forget the authenticity. Communication in which the brand expresses interest in the victims of the coronavirus can only succeed if it is authentic. If you want to reduce your advertising costs, you can focus on contact advertising (articles, blogs, blogs, etc.).

Use the force, Luke!

Try to see things before they happen. In the future, we will have to pay more for food and services (but this can have a positive effect on our planet, as the demand for products that threaten it is likely to decrease). Therefore, strive to contribute to a more sustainable economy now, during the pandemic.

Consumers now more than ever expect to buy value for money. Show off. This period offers many opportunities to show value. Just think. Remember evolution and tailor marketing to today's needs.


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