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Creative studios you should follow

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

We know you that know how to learn from the best. Without a thorough orientation in the subject, few will bring quality output. Whatever it is. Our topic is creativity, so we have put together creative studios that are at the forefront of their fields.


Koto presents three creative studios (in Berlin, London and Los Angeles). As they claim, they are building brands for industries that affect the present and for start-ups that shape the future. Their clients also consist of well known names like Airbnb, Nike and Coca Cola.



A studio for which design is an exercise to solve problems of diverse quality. In any medium or industry. The studio focuses on print, spatial design, digital design and brand identity. Their clients consis of names like The Barbican, Adidas, Natural History Museum, Sonny, Google or Tate.




If you don't know Media Monks yet, you should get familiar with them. Media Monks, a creative production company, they know all about what a creative approach means. With its arsenal of offices around the world and more than 2,000 employees, they have penetrated the media pass and dominated the market for innovative brands and technologies. They created interactive games for Old Spice, and worked with Google on a night walk project in Marseille.


They are simply on top of their game. Their clients include well known brands Nike, Samsung, Minecraft, Lego, eBay, Uber and others.




Studio with mission. And conscience. They are proof that the creative can be done without the need to "shake the devil's hand". They create design for people and for the planet. Mek is a 100% carbon neutral and paperless company. The electronics in their studio are powered by the sun and they have the highest possible rating in the energy rankings. They teamed up with One Tree Planted to plant a tree on behalf of their clients for each new project they complete.


In this studio, they work with clients who share the same attitudes. They have collaborated with Design Matters, the Melbourne International Film Festival and, of course, Sea Shepherd and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature.


Are you inspired? This may not be enough for successful growth, but it can be one of the drivers for progress. To break down the development barrier, you need to constantly remove the blindfolds from your eyes and see the projects you are working on as a whole.


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