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Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Do you think the newsletter is just a synonym for spam? Wrong! The newsletter returns to the scene and people click to subscribe to it voluntarily. Used properly, this form of communication can really work. Be one of the few and do it well and sensitively. Don't worry about regularity in newsletters, people like surprises.

Or be like Marketing Brew, they bringing you the latest stories shaping the world of marketing and advertising. It's all about the content. As for news from "your world", you can share it in the form of a newsletter, even every day.

zdroj: Marketing Brew

Content mantra or marketing claims

Content has a magical effect in the world of marketing (duh). The success of the newsletter depends on cornerstone of the content. Therefore, try to focus on the added value of the content you want to bring. If you can't bring anything valuable, you better not send anything. If you are really sure that people will want your content more than the Philosopher's Stone, you can start to think about what form it will take. Don't be afraid to use applications (MailChimp, Sendinblue, etc.) to create a newsletter.

If you already have the content, let's get to the goal. You should clarify what you want to send. Questionnaires? Market news? Helpful Tips?

Remember that the subject of the report is also important. Even the simple formulation of the subject of the report as questions stimulates human curiosity.

Remember that a person, the most developed being, having a mental and physical component, able to think, speak and read, does not read on the Internet. However, the person likes captivating pictures (videos, gifs) with a short concise description (forget long sentences and paragraphs). Then adapt this short and concise content to the target group (including language).

Of course, since the newsletter is still part of marketing, it should contain call to action elements ("I'm interested" buttons, etc.). And if it fits your brand, use humor.

Even such a call to action as to register email improves conversion rates because it calls into question what people expect from emails. And again: it stimulates curiosity.

With the help of CTA elements, it is also possible to strengthen brand relationship with customer. As a Simpsons fan, the "Everything's Coming Up Milhouse" link also gives me many reasons to click. By the way, if the reader clicks on the link, the pages they get to must also be attractive.

A good newsletter should be done with clear head... and a footer

Why? Because the footer, is a standard feature of a well-designed newsletter. It should contain all relevant information that the customers may need (and something extra). This may be the last and the first thing readers see (especially those who scroll down quickly). The fact is that most footers are lifeless, so you have quite a bit of space to start your creativity and attack with something unprecedented. In addition to the mandatory information (why the recipient received the message and a link to unsubscribe from the subscription or a link to personal data protection), the footer may also include a link to social networks, links to external sources, secondary sites, etc. And don't forget the aesthetics. And last but not least, keep an eye on how it all works (CTA clickthrough rate, design) to know how to create successful content.


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