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Ssslake your thirssst

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

We should prepare for the revolution. A massive crackling of ice in glasses and hissing of bubbles awaits us. The world is conquered by hard seltzers and we have become part of the revolution in drinking alcoholic beverages.

We really bit into it

We were approached by Asahi Group Holdings to participate in an international tender for the creation of the Viper Hardseltzer beverage brand. So guess what? We won! And we don´t need to tell you that foreign competitions are really a ruthless game.

This product is not just a fashion fad, as Viper represents a new category of alcoholic beverages. Well, not new to everybody. New for our latitudes. Hard seltzer has recently conquered the American market, so conquering the European one was only a matter of time. And our Viper is allready slithering through it. It refreshes in the summer and, in addition to the venerable pleasure of hedonistic summer drinking, it also brings a low alcohol content.

However, it does not only please the spirit, apart from the long evenings spent with friends, Viper has a low caloric value compared to other types of alcohol and does not contain any artificial colors or preservatives. In short, it is a sparkling offer that is not rejected.

We draw as it suits usss...

The name came from the client and we exhibited the entire brand identity from applications to a wide portfolio of products through parasols, crates, deck chairs, flags to rubber pads and T-shirts for staff. We created a logo so convincing that even Michael Dudikoff could not resist reaching for a can. The dominant symbol of the snake as a dangerous creature is characteristic of this product, as it represents a striking breath of alcohol in an otherwise transparent and innocent drink. However, our elegant snake does not bite, it only encourages us to a refreshing light summer drink with a slightly "spicy" drop of alcohol.

Every drop under control

Changing standards in society are constantly forcing us to come up with new ways to make contact with the target group of the product. We needed to create a brand that promises a lot of fun with regard to the current lifestyle of young people. Hard seltzers encourage specific drinking of alcohol, perhaps they directly encourage the emergence of a new type of customer. That's why we wanted to break standards and come up with something unique.

Viper is becoming part of the experience of people who like to enjoy time with friends, like to drink alcoholic beverages, but want to enjoy every drop of life without remorse. The identity of the product is aimed at people who take care of themselves and like to have fun. Viper allows them to have control over their hedonism. The packaging and brand of products are whimsically suggestive, clean and refreshing, with the promise of fun without remorse. True, everything in moderation. Health is one of the primary values of the brand, along with joy and youth.

Family is the foundation

The brand package from our workshop contains, in addition to packaging design and applications for various products, also animation and web design - in short, full service, which is not a problem for us.

Soon Viper will be richer with new flavors and we are already working on their packaging design. A great alternative to classic alcoholic beverages will thus acquire a more varied slide of unlimited entertainment tastes and offer more freedom in decision-making. We always really enjoy thessse products! :)


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