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Viper Hard Seltzer

Viper is an exciting new product in the booming drink category - hard seltzers - born in the US market. We worked together with Asahi Group to create a design for their new refreshing drink. The idea was  to embody the core brand values - health, youth & joy - in a modern and appealing design.


Branding, Packaging, Animation, Webdesign


Packaging for Viper had to be refreshing, display a new approach, and be light in presence. We wanted to create something original on the market of hard seltzers. We decided to go with the symbolism of the Viper, to create a feeling of water with bite :)


The Look

Viper is a refreshing, summer drink. Their brand is connected to nature, its elements and a sense of freedom. The logo has the viper as a symbol to represent a bite of alcohol in an otherwise rather innocent and pure drink. The strong and simple icon is meant to create curiosity and recognition at all relevant touch points. The main idea behind the brand is to underline a feeling of there being a fresher alternative to more common alcoholic drinks.


Viper was introduced accross european markets in March 2021.

Viper POS 

We created the design guidelines for the main point of sale items.

They are a key part of brand presence and had their look unified in the brand book.


 All  pictures were taken by Alžbeta Jungrová and studio 4D photo.

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