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Sixth sense of humor in marketing

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The average Homo sapiens can stare at Internet content for almost two hours a day. Why not use this extraordinary ability of ours to create your ad? Because it is very likely that a person lurking in the depths of the Internet will have fun with the memes and he will share them eventually. The power of the meme can be used to grease the marketing wheels and some brands know it well.

Don't let your brand corrode

Memes attracts users because it doesn't look like advertising and can help build brand authenticity and identity. This is an investment that, unlike a TV campaign or advertisement, has negligible production and distribution costs. And how to do it? It´s easy. All you need is an image editing tool and an overview of current trends in your area. We can replicate an existing concept (since the meme is essentially a derivative, plagiarism is excluded), or create an original one. However, if we decide to jump on this wave, we cannot bypass marketing when creating and we must not forget creativity, because the ruthless world of the Internet can cause considerable damage to the brand. And thats no fun.

Lets have fun with meme

This cultural equivalent of the human gene spreads from mind to mind and is extremely shareable. The meme helps people connect with humor, and if done right, it makes them feel magical that they're part of a joke. And who wouldn't want to be the savvy person who knows what´s funny? Your need to know your audiance, at least as well as the BarkBox dog mash subscription service, which creates memes on its Instagram account that only dog ​​lovers can decode. They can thus feel part of an exclusive group. Since memes are the main tool for communicating with users at BarkBox, in addition to creating their own, they also use memes from their target group, already verified funny stuff, as in the following example. In dog owners, pareidolia often has an unusual character and they can see their dog everywhere. Even in a banana.

Yes, Gucci also has a sense of humor

However, meme marketing is not suitable for all brands. If a brand builds its success on exclusivity, strict looks and seriousness, it should avoid it. In this respect, the Gucci brand managed to dispel prejudices, which did not disappoint with a special fashion fad. She created an ad campaign promoting the #TWFGucci watch collection (short for "That Feeling When Gucci"). They commissioned world artists to create original images with Le Marché des Merveilles watches. The images were then provided to the acclaimed viral creators who created them as a meme. The result was also a meme with a character who has his head covered with a Gucci bag, because, as mentioned in the description, the only face everyone will be looking at all night is her watch. More precisely, they will look at her "facewatch".

As an example we could also use a mysterious fashionist who is holding a burning rose while casually checking her Le Marchédes Merveilles watch.

Gourmet Fun

The change in equilibrium on Twitter was also caused by the American delivery service Seamless with the #Oscar Nom Noms campaign. The memes were based on the Academy Awards movie posters with simple pun premise. Check out Wolf from Wafle Street and Herb (with a delicate cast).

A successful meme can even generate a celebrity. The American internet meme celebrity Bad Luck Brian also appeared in Slovakia, specifically in the advertisement of the family dental clinic Orthodontics Klosterman.

Even the creation of such seemingly simple content requires a great deal of dexterity, perhaps even more so. You can't hide anything in a simple thing. So, are you inspired?


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